mobile homes by simple move

Simple Move, Management & Services, a company specialized in hotel maintenance and project management and supervision, presents Mobile Homes as a rapid and practical solution for the use of small units for residential or tourist purposes.
Mobile Homes is based on 12 x 2.3m standard-size modules with a metal structure from a shipping container of 40". The modules adjust easily to trailers and have at the top 4 hitch eyes that allow them to be raised by cranes. Each module occupies an approximate surface area of 36m2 and is normally supported by 8 level concrete footings, previously constructed on the site.
All infrastructure accesses to the inside of the Mobile Homes are located beneath them (water, sewers and electricity). The process by which Mobiles Homes are placed on the ground is very speedy and takes only about 15 minutes.
The insulation of all elevations, floor and ceiling is made with 10cm thick panels of stone wool. The client can choose the type of covering (VIROC panels, marine plywood, shale panels, etc.). The roof has 3 panels of liquid canvas, a 6% slope and a reinforced base for the installation of an aerial.
The client can also choose the type of indoor walls (Pladur, plywood, VIROC, etc.), type of flooring, window frames, doors, bathrooms, kitchen furniture and indoor and outdoor lighting

Simple Move produces Mobile Homes of the following types: one-bedroom; one bedroom plus one and 2 bedrooms plus one. It is possible to produce other types.

vila soca

Vila Soca is a one-bedroom residential
unit, comprising 1 bedroom, WC, kitchen
and an open space living room.

vila monte
(one-bedroom plus one)

Vila Monte is a one bedroom plus one
residential unit, consisting of 1 bedroom,
WC, kitchen and open space living room and
another smaller room or storage area.

vila mar
(two-bedrooms plus one)

Vila Mar is a two bedroom residential
unit, comprising two bedrooms, two WCs,
kitchen and open space living room and
another smaller room or storage area.